A Glimpse of Curriculum Blueprint

Employers are struggling to hire an English-speaking workforce since the dawn of the IT revolution, both federal and provincial governments just cannot manage the mammoth task of training (like in China), and there is a huge shortage of trainers. IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson tests, etc., are too mechanical and 90 percent of students just cannot offer the exam and training fee (25000 INR) Now IDP has monopolized IELTS the fee may skyrocket unless some entity counters it.

To make this venture a successful one, the curriculum, content, and context should be made Asian or Indian-centric at the basic level, and global context at the executive level. CBSC schools can initiate this program. Even IAS, IPS, IFS officials, and diplomats too need this skill training.

The training and assessment should be based on the newspaper and news analysis published in The Guardian, the New York Times, The Hindu, The Indian Express, The times of India, etc.

  • Basic theoretical grammar
  • Applied grammar
  • Traditional Vs communicative English – Compassion, and Contrast
  • Lexical chunks
  • Formulaic utterances
  • Connectors and hesitation pauses
  • Fixed communication phrases
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Phrasal prepositions
  • Composition of business drafts and proposals
  • E-mail composition and Etiquette
  • Telephonic phrases
  • Business negotiation phrases
  • Media literacy (NET/TV and Print)
  • News reading and analytics (Political, economic, and strategic)
  • Power and nuclear blocks and Forums (Asian G20 SAARC etc.)
  • International diplomacy, diplomatic and strategic phrases
  • Debating and argument phrases at UNO, WHO UNSC, etc.
  • Leadership phrases
  • Business and marketing vocabulary
  • English for leveraging ICT knowledge
  • Leveraging NET resources for English vocabulary updates
  • Listening comprehension exercise
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Development of writing skills
  • Mock interviews and debates
  • Futuristic soft skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business and strategic forecasts (real-time)
  • Fluency and accent development with online resources
  • Phrases of psychological warfare
  • News Release (composition- print and video)
  • Positive and negative connotations
  • Role of the body language in driving home the point
  • Business English vocabulary used in major economic blocks
  • Notification, circular, and draft used in corporate ecosystem …… and more
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