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English Skills – 22 Feb 2023 – Being Verbs in English

Introduction to Verbs in English

The verb is an important word in a sentence

Verbs may be used as a main verb, or an auxiliary verb =Helping verb = supporting verb

She is a teacher (Is = the main verb)

She is teaching English (Teaching = a main verb and is = a helping verb)

There are three main verbs in English:

a. Being verbs

e.g. am, is, are, was, were, shall/will + be

Denote the existence or non-existence of someone or something (Physical and Virtual)

b. Action verbs

Describe actions: e.g. Read, walk, watch, etc. They have five forms, name Present, Past, Past participle, Present participle, and future form

c. Modal verbs or Modals

These verbs are used for expressing possibility, probability, permission, etc.

e.g. Can I sit here?

Being Verbs   – Am is are

1. Structure – Statement/information/message/declarative question etc.

 FirstI + amWe + are
 SecondYou + areYou + are
 ThirdHe/she/it + isThey + are

Model sentences

I am Shane.

I am 32. (age)

He is married.

We are classmates

She is my cousin.

The weather is fine.

It’s very playful (it= a puppy)

2. Structure – ‘yes/no question

 Firstam + Iare + we
 Secondare + youare + You
 Thirdis + (He/she/it)are + They     

Model sentences

Are you Clara?

Is she busy now? 

Am I late today?

Is Joe in the office?

Are they ready to come?

3. Structure – Negative sentence

 FirstI + am + notWe + are + not
 SecondYou + are + notYou + are + not
 ThirdHe/she/it + is + notThey + are + not

Model sentences

He is not Jim. 

I am not a student.

They aren’t Indians.

The president is not in the Capital

We are in the office.

NOTE:  are not = aren’t  and is not = isn’t

4. Structure – ‘yes/no’ negative question

 Firstam + I + notare + we + not
 Secondare + you + not are + You + not
 Thirdis + (He/she/it) + not    are + They + not

NOTE:  are we not = aren’t we, are you not = aren’t you, is he not = isn’t he, are they not = aren’t they

Model sentences

Aren’t you Lee?

Isn’t she an American?

Aren’t they busy?

Isn’t it right?

Isn’t he the manager?

5. Structure – ‘wh’ question

 First‘wh’+ am + I‘wh’ + are + we
 Second‘wh’ + are + you‘wh’ + are + You
 Third‘wh’ + is + (He/she/it)‘wh’ + are + They

‘Wh’ indicates ‘wh’ question words  like when, what, where, why etc. ‘wh’ question needs full answer

Model sentences

Where is she?

How are you? 

What is he?

Who are they?

Why is she late?        

English Skills – 11 Feb 2023 – Develop your Fluency in four weeks

Follow these steps to develop your fluency in English –

The Simplest, Easiest, and Fastest way

Click Fluency video

  • Skip the Ads and play the conversation video clip.
  • Divide the video clip into three or four or five parts depending on the duration
  • Watch the first part
  • watch the first part the second time (watch only the subtitles). Regulated the speed with the mouse.
  • Watch the first part a third time (with the sound muted). Say the dialogue along with the characters, (do no memorize the dialogue) and make gestures as the characters do. play till you are comfortable with the first part.
  • Play the other parts of the video clip, it may take one week, but it’s worth doing it.
  • Follow or subscribe to the channel to watch other video clips, and make it a habit for the following six months. These video clips are more suitable for the beginners.

English Skills Blog – 6 Feb 2023 – Modal Verbs in English

Watch the shortest video (40 seconds)

English Skills Blog – 4 Feb 2023, Instant communication phrases

Phrases are the sentences used to communicate instantly, they aren’t based on grammar rules they don’t have any standard structure too.

Ready to use – Appointment-making phrases

Making an appointment directly

May I see you on Monday?

Could I/we meet you this evening?

Are you available at your office/clinic this evening for a consultation?

I would like to have an appointment regarding some financial issues with my business, what time are you available?

Making an appointment directly (semi-formal)

Could I meet you this evening?

Is it OK if I see/meet you ……on Monday/this evening?

Can we meet at Robinson square ……this evening/tomorrow morning?

Is it Ok for you If I meet you at Ruby Park tomorrow afternoon at 2?

How about meeting at Central square tonight at 9?

May/shall I drop by your office while returning home today evening?

Can I/we expect you at Elizabet’s party tonight?

I wonder if you could spare a few minutes this evening for me to discuss my new business Plans?

Making an appointment through Secretary/receptionist/personal assistant

I would like to see doctor Sen for a consultation this evening, is he available?

Could I expect an appointment with the Attorney tomorrow evening, with regard to ………?

Is it possible to see/meet the chairman tomorrow afternoon?

Can I meet the President today at 6 p.m.?

Is the Lawmaker available today at 7 p.m.?

Can I have an appointment with the auditor on Thursday evening?

Conceding or accepting an appointment

Yes, you can see/meet me this evening I am available till 7.

You are welcome, Please try to come/drop by  7 p.m.

Yes, I will be here till 8 p.m.

Yes, I am available you can see/meet me this evening.

I think Saturday will be OK, because, I am away on a business tour.

Sure,  you can come any time between 5 and 7 p.m.

Yes, tomorrow evening is perfect.

Yes, tomorrow morning is fine.

What time would you like to drop by?

Declining/deferring an appointment politely

Sorry, the Attorney is away on vacation

Sorry, He/she won’t be back until 2nd June.

We are extremely sorry to say that the doctor is not available this week for appointments.

I am afraid (= sorry) he may not be available tomorrow evening, however, you can see him the day after tomorrow.

I wish I could see you, but I have to leave for London tonight, Is Monday 2nd Jan OK for you?

I wish I could give  you an appointment, but I have to be in New York on some important work.

I am afraid I won’t be available tomorrow, Is Friday evening OK?

I am really sorry I am unable to attend the office at 4 p.m. today, Is tomorrow OK for you?

Oh………7p.m. …. It’s difficult for me to come will 8 p.m. be OK?

I am afraid it’s not possible today.

Oh, Thursday it’s a very busy day for me, I would rather prefer Saturday, Is it OK?

I need to advance my appointment on Monday (by one day) is it possible?

Canceling an appointment politely

I am sorry I have to cancel my appointment due to an emergency meeting at Margret’s

I am extremely sorry to cancel my appointments due to heavy rains and floods in and around the town.

Sorry I made a mistake which conceding an appointment actually I am away at a meeting tomorrow, will Monday be OK for you?

Sorry, I am not available tomorrow, shall I reschedule the appointment for Sunday evening?

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