Mind Forte Education Technologies was established in 2021 by professionals with decades of experience in Education Technologies, English Language training, gamification, edutainment, and faculty development training.

Communication skills training (Online or at home)

This Academy provides communicative and Business English Training for Executives, Businessmen, Professionals, Teachers, and students belonging to different disciplines. The training programs are mostly Short-term; offered online and at students’ homes or workplaces (12 classes of 60 minutes duration) plus three complementary classes and one FREE demo class.

Edutainment-way learning for slow learners

Our Gamification and edutainment experts have developed various games and edutainment-based learning devices to enable slow learners to become super achievers in maths, science, and English.

Faculty development program in classroom communication

Mind Forte Education Technologies offers FDP (faculty development program) in Communicative English and Education tech., for the teaching faculty of regional, national, and International schools and other institutions.